Buying The Proper Durable Outdoor Chairs

Saturday, August 23rd 2014. | MODERN FURNITURE

Outdoor chairs are important piece of furniture in your patio as they provide seating to enjoy the view or the sunny sunlight. An essential part of a home, chairs as well as other furniture should be the ones that can last for years. Spending time outside and other activities require quality furniture for relaxing outdoors while at home. If you live in harsh weather condition, buying durable outdoor furniture is challenging, because they have to be able to endure the elements. Here are important aspects on choosing durable outdoor furniture to help you to find outdoor furniture that lasts longer. There are also a few steps to care outdoor chair to keep its good appearance.

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Choose Weatherproof Outdoor Chair

Weatherproof outdoor chairs are the most essential aspect when buying ones. Many outdoor furniture pieces are made from metal, wood, or plastic. Moisture can weaken and rot wood so choose for treated wood or types that resist the elements. Teak is nearly water-resistant while treated wood resists water. You can choose metal but it corrodes from moisture. Make galvanization for rust-proof. Choose aluminum for corrosion-proof. Plastic outdoor furniture can resist moisture, but it changes its color from UV rays. Remove plastic furniture from the sun when not in use.


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Select the Right Materials

Aluminum is the best choice for outdoor chairs as it offers a lot of benefits like lightweight, durable, and very robust and hard to bend for cast aluminum. Avoid extruded aluminum as it is weaker. Iron is great as it is extremely durable. However, it should be treated to prevent corrosion and is heavy. For wood, avoid pine as it is soft and less durable than most wood.

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Mahogany is perfect for outside chair because it is very stable, hard, retain its natural color and last for years. Teak is the best wood for outdoor furniture as it resists warping, rotting, swelling and shrinking. Choose plastic for economic reason. However, they are not as durable as other materials and vulnerable to failing.

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