Check Pros and Cons of Bathroom Vanities with Tops

Wednesday, April 15th 2015. | Bathroom

Bathroom vanities with tops will give you benefits and weakness. Bathroom is considered as one of important rooms in your home. All homes must have bathroom. Today there are some styles and designs of bathroom that you can find. Bathroom with simple design is chosen for modern and small home. Decorating your bathroom is very important because you will feel relax in your bathroom. You can use your bathroom in maximum way too. There are some ways to decorate your bathroom and choosing best accessories for your bathroom will give you new and fresh look too in the bathroom.

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Choosing best bathroom vanity is one of important tasks for you who like to decorate your bathroom. Most people choose to add vanities with top in their bathroom because of some reasons. Choosing bathroom vanity that is suitable with your taste and personal need is important. If you are interested in adding vanities with top too in your bathroom, you better consider some things below. There are some vanities with top from various materials and you will get pros and cons of each material.


Vanity with Tempered Glass Top

When you are looking for bathroom vanities with tops, you will get various top materials such as tempered glass. Most people choose to buy vanity with tempered glass top because of some reasons. First it is unique and sleek. It is suitable for your modern bathroom. Second, people choose it because it is easy to clean the surface. It has good tolerance to heat so it will not burn and heat in easy way. Third, most people finally choose vanity top from tempered glass because it has no place to bacteria to grow. It means it is good choice for you who have kids too.

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Fourth, you can get some advantages such as easy to match it with some other items in your bathroom such as toilet, tub color and some other things. You will be easy to install it in your bathroom too. Although bathroom vanities with tops from tempered glass offer you some benefits, you can find weakness of this material such as it can starch easily. You will be easy to find water spot too in your vanity top. You can also choose different material of bathroom vanities with tops such as solid porcelain but you need to read pros and cons of this material too.

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Vanity with Top from Solid Porcelain

Solid porcelain will give you contemporary look too and it is suitable for all styles of bathroom. You can match with bathroom fixtures that you want. It has extra smooth surface too that will be able to prevent your vanity from debris. Most people finally pick bathroom vanities with tops from solid porcelain because it requires simple maintenance to make it clean and also shining all the day. You don’t need to worry because it is strong material so you can use it for longer time. It will not be easy to melt even in high temperature. You still can get cons of this material such as it is easy to crack and also chip.

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You can also choose vanity tops from cultured marble. It has some benefits too. You will get classic look in your bathroom when you add this vanity to your bathroom. It will give shiny natural look to your bathroom too. You don’t need to buy granite for vanity top because it will cost expensive. You just need to use this marble top and you will get similar shining look in your bathroom. It is stain resistant and it will require minimum maintenance. This material is easy to scratch, chip and melt because of extreme heat. It is your own decision to choose one of some materials for your bathroom vanities with tops.

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