Useful Tips for Small Bathroom Makeover

Thursday, June 26th 2014. | Bathroom

A small bathroom is not difficult to make over into something special once you understand that it should be treated just like any other room in the home. Clinical, sanitary, and practical places are not simply bathrooms should have to be. You can create a small bathroom into a luxury spa feel at your home. Keep reading this article and find some practical tips for your small bathroom makeover.

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Revitalize and Revamp

After a good cleaning, everything will look better and beautiful. This rule applies for small bathrooms. Provide your small bathroom makeover a good sanitary after you take away those supplies and fixtures. Clean floor and wall tiling by polishing the areas. Silicone seals between the tiling and bath are the one you should focus on. Check any seals that look old and damaged. If your wall paint looks stressed or outdated, give another coat of paint or paint a new color.

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Good Storage

Beauty products have a prolong life and are not allowed to use when expired so throw away if you haven’t used them for a long time. You may Keep lovely flasks and ampules on display but don’t make it look overcrowded. You need to be very selective when involve limited space. Towel bars, hooks, and poles are best storage solutions. Try maximizing walls and the back of the door. This small bathroom makeover makes your space feels more handy and efficient.

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You need to be able to see yourself appropriately in the mirror when applying makeup, beauty product or shaving so lighting is very important in small bathroom makeover. Lightning also help you to be able to relax in your bath. Installing a dimmer is a good solution to make the room comfortable as you can regulate the light levels according to your desires.


As mirrors benefit to raise the light levels that make a small bathroom look larger, mirrors are vital for small bathroom makeover. They are also a practical piece as well as a beautiful ornament at one go.

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