Dining Room Chair Covers Buying Guide

Thursday, April 30th 2015. | FURNITURE

Are you bored with the look of your dining area? Then it is time for you to redecorate it. There is countless dining room design ideas that you can choose to make this area looks far from boring. You don’t even need a big budget for it. You can even choose low-cost redecorating projects if you want to save your money for another big remodeling project. Dining room chair covers is one of the low-cost dining room redecorating projects that you can choose.

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Benefits you get from dining chair covers

Installing dining chair covers or chair slipcovers over your dining chairs will make your dining area looks more attractive than before. If you choose the right chair covers with the right style, fabric, and color, you will be able to get rid of the boring look in your dining room. Installing will also give you some advantages. Covering your dining chairs with chair covers will hide any stain or scratches on those chairs. In consequence, your dining companies will not be able to spot those unsightly spots. Those dining chair slipcovers will also protect your dining chairs from stain, dirt, and scratch. If you have pets or little children, purchasing chair covers is an excellent idea.

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Some chair slipcovers are washable so that you can wash it when it is getting dirty. Having a couple of different set of chair slipcovers is a great idea. You can cover your chairs with one of them while the other being washed. Changing your chair slipcovers regularly with ones that have different color and pattern will also make your dining room look fresher

How to choose the right cover chairs

There are numerous dining chair covers in stores. They are made of choices of materials. They are also available in different size, designs, colors, and patterns. You may get a bit of difficulty in choosing the right one due to the wide arrays of chair slipcover choices. Here are some tips in choosing dining chair slipcovers.

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Dining room chair covers are made up of various materials. You can choose ones that are made of silk, linen, damask, cotton, faux-suede, and polyester. If your dining room is designed in traditional style, then choosing one that is made of linen, silk, or damask is more recommended. They are more expensive but they look elegant and beautiful. For a daily use, you had better choose ones that are made of cotton or polyester. They are cheaper and washable. If you have small children who love spilling juice and meals on the dining chairs, you must choose faux-suede dining chair slipcovers. You only need to wipe it clean with wet towels when it is dirty.

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Dining chair slipcovers are available in various designs. You can use ones that fit your chairs perfectly.  They are usually made of stretchy fabric. If you prefer something more chic, you can choose ones that drape loosely or have ruffles. Chair covers are available in two choices. You can choose full length or half length chair covers. The full length ones are more perfect for formal dining party. But the half length ones are more perfect for casual dining.

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When you purchase chair covers, you must make sure that they will suit your dining chairs size and model. Therefore, before you buy ones, you must measure your chair. Another thing that you must consider when buying chair slipcovers is whether or not they have microfiber layer under the surface. The microfiber layer has some functions. One of them is that it will make your chairs free from odor. It will also protect your dining chairs from getting stain since it is water proof. The microfiber layer will also prevent slipping. When you are buying dining room chair covers, you must make sure that the color and pattern match your whole interior.

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