Outdoor Table and Chairs Buying Guide

Monday, April 27th 2015. | Outdoor Furniture

Having a patio or gazebo is a great way to add space in your home. This outdoor sitting area will be a great place to relax and refresh your mind. It will also be a great place to entertain family and friends. However, a patio or gazebo without a set of excellent outdoor furniture will not be able to give you all of those advantages. That’s why you must select your outdoor table and chairs carefully.

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Purchasing outdoor patio furniture needs several considerations. You must think make sure that it is durable and weather proof. You must also consider its style and size. The style of your outdoor furniture must match the style of your patio or gazebo. Its size must not dwarf your patio either. Patio and gazebo furniture are made of different materials. Some of them are affordable and some are not. Before you make your choice, here are some things that you must do.

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Number and kind of furniture

Before you hit a home and garden store, you must think about what outdoor furniture you need. If you would like to have under the starlight dinner, then you will need a dining table and several outdoor chairs. If you want to relax in it or entertain your family and friends in it, you must choose comfortable outdoor chairs, a couple of outdoor side tables, and, maybe, a fire pit. Having an outdoor swinging bed in your patio can also be a great idea if you like enjoying your garden.

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Having comfortable outdoor chairs is a must if you want to laze around in the patio or gazebo. In order to make sure that the outdoor patio chairs you buy are comfortable, you must try it on before you purchase them. If you love the design of an outdoor chairs but it is not very comfortable, then you can consider having outdoor chair cushion to make it more comfortable.

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Outdoor furniture size

When you are buying outdoor table and chairs, you must consider the size of your patio. If it is a large patio, you can choose to have a large coffee table, a loveseat or a big sofa, and several ottomans or chairs. However, if your patio is small, you must choose simpler and smaller patio furniture. Having a sectional patio chairs and a side table can be an excellent idea. Therefore, you can rearrange it when more guests coming by.

Outdoor furniture materials

You can buy an outdoor table and chairs which are made of wicker, wood, wrought iron, steel, PVC, and aluminum. Outdoor wicker chairs are popular among homeowners. It is stylish and durable if treated well. Coating it with resin will make it weather proof. However, it is a better idea to keep it away from rain and water as much as you can so that it last long. You must also recoat it with resin every couple of years.

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If you want to have outdoor wood table and chairs for your patio, you must choose teak furniture. Teak patio furniture will not be damaged because of rains. Its color will turn to grey when it is weather beaten. If you do not like its weather beaten look, you must sand it and apply teak oil on it once a year so that it will get its golden brown color back.

Wrought iron and steel outdoor furniture is sturdy. It will not be blown away by the wind. However, it is not rust proof. In consequence, you must weather proof it or paint it regularly to avoid rust.

PVC or aluminum outdoor table and chairs are lightweight. They are also more affordable than others. These outdoor furniture pieces will not be damaged due to rain or harsh water. They also require little maintenance. You only need to wash them with water and soap occasionally to get rid of dust and dirt from them.

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