Proper Steps On Home Exterior Painting

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014. | Exterior Design

If your home looks worn and gloomy on the outside, it is time to have exterior painting. Painting home is the cheapest way to refresh the look of your home and increase the house value if you want to sell it. Follow this guide to do proper painting to your home exterior to make it beautiful and last longer.

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Wall Treatment

It is best to use pressure washer to remove dust and dirt build up on the wall to allow the paint adhere well. Work your way from top to bottom when exterior painting which also works when washing the house. Do it in an even, precise manner. Check around the house and search for damaged surfaces on wood, metal and brick.

Use spackle knife to Apply epoxy filler to holes or cracks. Let it dry and then lightly sand it to level the surface. After the walls are dry completely, search for any loose or flaked paint. Get rid of loose and chipped paint with scraper or sanding block. If you find any gaps between house and trim of doors and windows apply exterior sealant. Add sealant alongside surface where they meet.

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Before starting exterior painting, protect windows, doors, and lights pieces with plastic cover and painter’s tape. If there are stains or visible wood knots, apply stain-blocking primer to the area. Use paint sprayer to paint exterior. Choose paint color of your preference. Apply one or two coats of exterior paint to whole house. home exterior painting colors home exterior painting combinations painting exterior foundation home preparing home exterior for painting

Paint your exterior from top to bottom in an even, precise way. If you want to change exterior color from light to dark or vice versa, apply a coat of primer before painting color to ensure well coverage. However, you do not need to use primer if you apply the same paint color with the existing. Remove plastic covers from windows, doors, and lighting fittings and then apply two coats of exterior semi-gloss paint color on frames windows and doors.

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