Modern landscape and design ideas

Saturday, July 12th 2014. | Exterior Design

Modern landscape and design deliver pleasingly geometric shape, open spaces and clean lines added with molded particularizing to form contemporary open-air spaces. To insurgent against more traditional trimmed greenswards, green lush areas are also used in modern landscape. Keeping it innovative and conspicuous is the main idea.

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Even there are much garden and landscaping works to do that make it a long hour working particularly if you do a DIY project, it is still feasible work. You will tend to find it expensive when choosing contemporary decoration like pots and planters while the decorated, and traditional typical details would be reasonably priced. However, these creative modern designs offer pioneering ideas results.


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Stone Tile

Try creating modern English landscape and design with gravel and flagstone pathways to make statement. Place tile strategically and a bird bath can be a desirable focal point. Gravel and rock create a pathway that also works as a rock garden. Create further interest by decorating the stepping stones and plants. Fill in the empty space with pea pebbles and stones.


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Grass Tile

Creating outdoor grids is one most popular modern landscape and design features today. Combine grass, concrete, and other undergrowth to create a motivating design of cubes and boxes. Pick elfin thyme to fill in the oblong spaces. You may also use foot traffic resulting lovely look when the purple blossoms blossom. You can make the space visually larger by dividing up the yard. Try combine grass and concrete tile to create a work of art at your garden. It is not limited to traditional grating layouts. Use a variation of sizes, and create concrete and natural elements seamless.

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The possibilities to create a captivating modern landscape and design are endless but it is overwhelming for some. You may hire a landscape designer to design a lawn and garden in a stylish, purposeful way while you can handle other details yourself like edging planters, and sculptural basics.

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