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Wednesday, June 4th 2014. | Interior Design

Interior architect is one of the interesting job in nowadays. There are a lot of people who have known about an architect, but not everyone know what is the real interior architects are. Most of them only knew about the exterior architect that designed a shape of the building.  The architect of interior design, actually have a same job description with the exterior architect, but they designed everything inside the building. But, of course this kind of architect is different with the interior designer.


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Interior Architect And Its Jobs

There are a lot of differences between interior architect and interior designer. The architect of interior usually working together with the exterior architect, to concept the design of the building and its interior. While the interior designer will choose the furnitures that would be used for the interior, after the building is really done. Then, the difference is that the interior designer work after the architect of interior finish their job.

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The job description of the interior architect is to create a dimension inside the building, make a space that will suits the functional stage. The architect of interior usually combine the wide of the room with its function, so the room will be used functionally. Some people usually use the available space based on its wide, and this is what the architect of interior need to tought.

So, how much the salary of interior architect and how could we be involved in this job? Well, to become the architect of interior, we need to take the architectural study in college. When we become an architect, especially the architect of interior, usually the salary will be paid per project, except we have some in house projects. The salary is not too low, so we could get our wanted salary by the negotiation.

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