How to clean wicker furniture

Tuesday, April 15th 2014. | RATTAN FURNITURE

Wicker furniture is a real unique furniture that you can have for in your house. There will be a lot of choices for you. It is good for you to have this unique furniture in your house. The wicker materials is what makes this furniture to be unique. However, the uniqueness of it also needs the different way to care. You need a special way to maintain this furniture. Here are some tips that could help you for the maintenance.

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The usage of lemon oil

This would be good for you to use lemon oil in cleaning the wicker. Applied this lemon oil in a soft cloth then sweep it into the furniture. This would be a good way to keep the finish that applied in this furniture. Moreover, you can also make the wicker become shinier. You can also use a brush to clean some dirt in it. The variation of those ways, could be really good for you to do.

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Wash it

You can also do it occasionally. It will help you to remove the stains that stick on your wicker furniture. You need to hose it with water before you are ready with the detergent or any other else. However, you also need to tilt it down so that the water inside could weave out come out from the weave of the furniture.  Then you can start clean it with the furniture. Do it again after you finish with the hosing after cleaning.


Then, when you going to use it, make sure that the furniture is totally clean. A wet wicker furniture could be broken if you use it. The wet furniture could make it unsharpened if there is a burden on top of it. Then, the shape of it could be broken. Therefore, make sure that this furniture is fully dry before you going to use it.

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