Why Choosing Ceramic Tile For Bathroom Flooring

Wednesday, June 25th 2014. | Bathroom

There are many choices for bathroom floors offering durability and a variety of designs. Homeowners can choose to use ceramic, laminate, linoleum, porcelain, vinyl and stone for their bathroom flooring. Ceramic tile is one of the top choices for the bathroom floor. Consider how wet your bath will be. Baths that prone to moist require tiles that are resistant to water and harmless to walk on in bare feet. Ceramic is perfect for this kind of bath. It is shiny and glassy adding charm to walls and countertops but be careful as they may be slippery. Ceramic tile is suitable for a guest bathroom that doesn’t need a tub or shower. The tiles provide traction and are safer for wet feet if they come in matte or textured finish. These tiles are a best choice for a bathroom made for elderly or children.


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Ceramic tile is impermeable to damp, easy to clean up from stains and won’t captivate germs or stenches. It won’t scrape and fire proof. This bathroom flooring is a great choice for a bathroom that gets a lot of flow. There are a wide variety of hues and designs for a silky, deluxe look. Tile sizes array from small montage to huge setup and are available just about any shape that you can think of. You can pick from almost any installation form, and integrate trim pieces, rims, and insets to highlight ornate elements. For visual interest, Mix and match sizes and colors or recurrence the same styles on countertop, walls, or shower for a unified appearance.

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The issues of using ceramic tile bathroom flooring are it is cold on feet, may crack, stained by grout and feels uncomfortable when standing for long periods. Although ceramic tile is cheap or about $1 to $8 per sq. ft. for materials only, the installation is reasonably tough.

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