Painting Tips for Antique White Chest of Drawers

Thursday, October 1st 2015. | TIPS

Having an antique white chest of drawers could be pride since it has exotic look. However, sometimes white furniture is easily to be dirty. Since the color is white, it will be difficult to clean. You have to consider few aspects before painting your antique white drawers. Then, how to paint white chest of drawers in proper way? Let’s find out!

antique french white chest of drawers

antique french white chest of drawers

antique pine tall chest of drawers

antique pine tall chest of drawers

Early process to paint antique white chest of drawers

There are several processes you should follow before painting your antique white chest of drawers. Check them out!

  1. Choosing pieces

  • Choose the chest pieces according to you patience level, and how much time you will to spend on it. Then, it won’t waste your time.

  • Check the chest antiqueness to avoid reducing the value after it gets painted. If you find any difficulties, you can ask your parents or somebody who are into antique goods.

  • When you are buying antique furniture, please check the quality of the piece. Make sure that the drawers all slides are well.

  • You can change the look of handles if you don’t like the previous look.

antique tall chest of drawers

antique tall chest of drawers

antique white bombe chest

antique white bombe chest

  1. Cleaning

  • Cleaning is the first thing to ease your job when you come to refinish your drawers. Wipe down the dust using damp cloth or dusting brush. Paint will be difficult to stick if there is dust on the surface. Avoid wetting your drawers because it will swell the wood fibers.

  • Number all the drawers you remove so you can remember their appropriate place since the drawers come in different size.

  • If you don’t want to paint the hardware, remove it to ease your painting.

  1. Repairs

  • Fill any holes or cracks using wood filler and sand it to a smoother surface. clamp and glue the loose joints.

  • Sand all the pieces lightly. Do not completely remove the old finish if the surface is in good condition. Make sure to not leave burr marks on the drawers.

antique white chest of drawers uk

antique white chest of drawers uk

antique white pine chest of drawers

antique white pine chest of drawers

Painting your antique white chest of drawers

  1. Use a good quality paintbrush to paint your chest. They won’t leave as obvious brush marks as cheaper paintbrushes.

  2. Protect the painting area.

  3. Prime the chest piece. To solve bleed of your drawers, mix two coats primer together.

  4. Choose a paint color according to your desire for your white chest. For modern look, you can choose high gloss enamel for finishes.

  5. Stir your primer and paint well.

  6. Paint your chest drawers using roller or paintbrush. Do not overload your brush to prevent runs.

  7. Lightly sand between the coats to make sure you have removed all the dust since paint actually hates dust.  You will need at least about two coats.

  8. For the paint protection, it would be better to use an acrylic paints. They can be sealer or even furniture wax.

  9. After painting is done, allow it to dry. Wait for few days for the perfect results.

Things to consider painting antique white chest of drawers

  1. Do not use oil based paint for your drawers because it is difficult to dispose off. It is also hard to remove form the paintbrush. It also takes long time to dry. The oil based paint sometimes leaves yellow stain

  2. For your great solution, you can choose water based paint.  It will give you a durable gloss finish and satin without top coat required.

  3. Other solution is flat acrylic paint that is usually used for walls. It is easy to clean, give you a good finish and also very affordable.

  4. If you have advanced painting techniques, you can use milk paint. The price is a little bit expensive than others. It gives a beautiful finish when it is sealed with furniture wax and will make your antique white chest drawers appealing.

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