Easy And Cheap Storage Solutions

Tuesday, July 1st 2014. | Storage

If you have everything scattering around the house, it is time for you to find more storage space to keep everything tidy. Sometimes storing object could require you a lot of money but you can get organized without emptying your wallet. Here are cheap storage solutions that you can get with low budget but are still great for your stylish space decoration.

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Wine Crate Boxes

You can find Fine wines often transported in delightful wooden boxes that often have the chateau’s crown printed on. These boxes come in hardwood with durable hardware. Most merchant will throw these boxes away. But you can ask the wine merchant and you may get some of these for yourself. These wine crates have many cheap storage solutions if you are creative. You can make under bed storage, or to keep things like linens, bedspreads or cushions. You can build a shelf by attaching some together or floated shelving by mounting them to a wall.

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Side Table

You can have a nice side table by remodeling a half-height filing cabinet. Just browse thrift stores around your place and you won’t find difficulties finding half-height filing cabinets for about $20. Dress it up to add slight warmth and you can fit them easily to fit into industrial decoration or mid-century modern. They will make a great side table and also cheap storage solutions that are perfectly paired with most sofas as they have a similar height and depth.

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Milk Crates

Milk crates can make classic cheap storage solutions. Making them as storage can be a little complicated as like you live in dormitory, but with some hard work and imaginary, you can use the milk crate as home furnishings beautifully. You can use them to keep your kids’ toys, gardening tools a lot more.

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