Garage Floor Paint: Buying Tips

Monday, July 21st 2014. | Storage

You can have your garage floor paint to refresh the look of your space. If you have done it before, perhaps you ended up with peeled off and chipped surface. By painting your garage floor, you will have clean and attractive space for your car or your personal home gym. Garage floor often stains by motor oil or other liquids leaks that come from car or other machineries. They are also usually besieged with dirt and grass from lawnmowers. Here are tips for buying the right paint for your garage floor.

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Garage Floor Paints Types

The most common type of garage floor paint that is often used by experienced painters is epoxy paint. It is weather resistant making it to be superior choice. It works well against extreme conditions including snow and sunlight. Epoxy is made up of two different elements, catalyzing liquid and hardener.  garage floor paint clear coat

If combined in proper mixture, they form into solid paint. There are also common paints like oil based paints and water or latex based paints. However, they are not as durable as epoxy and some substances spilled onto them may cause them to dissolve or even peeling and chipping.

Choosing The Right Paint

Choosing garage floor paint may seem overwhelming for some, but it is important to keep garage floor looks attractive. The first thing you need to do is choosing the color that fit the garage theme for example the color of the favorite car or racer. Also consider to complement the garage paint with the whole home color. garage floor paint color chips  garage floor paint edmonton garage floor paint epoxy problems garage floor paint epoxy quikrete garage floor paint epoxy reviews garage floor paint epoxy garage floor paint estimate

You need also to realize what type of fluid leak that may spill on the floor. If you choose paint that have the same color with the spill, you won’t realize if your car having problem that cause leakage. You can also leave the floor unpainted as it won’t be easily noticed at a glance.

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