Vintage Persian Rug Buying Guide

Thursday, August 7th 2014. | Rug

Vintage Persian rug is one of the most pursued rugs in the world as it is highly valued for quality, sturdiness, and gorgeous artistry. The genuine rug is made in Iran by skilled artisans and worth thousands of dollars. You can find many different types of Persian rugs on the stores. There are genuine and of good quality rugs but some are made by machine to look a lot like a customary Persian rug. Some shoppers are worried when buying a Persian rug as picking the right one is difficult and whether they pay the right amount of money. Here is what you can consider when buying one of the different types and materials of Persian rugs available.

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Most common material for vintage Persian rug is wool but there are some that are made of cotton. Wools can be made of Manchester, camel hair, and Kork. There is also silk to make older, antique rugs which is very expensive and are not as much of robust than wool. Due to their rareness and value, Silk Persian rugs are often presented as wall hangings in preference to use as floor covering. Newer rugs are made of mercerized cotton, silk combinations, and artificial threads.

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Identifying Genuine Persian Rugs

There are a lot of fake Persian rugs on the market which is difficult to differentiate with the genuine. There are a few things that you can do to identify the genuine Persian rug. Checking the labels can help to identify the country where the rug was made. A genuine Persian rug is made in Iran. Vintage Persian rug  (8) Vintage Persian rug  (10) we buy persian rugs

Avoid buying a rug made in Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Caucasus, or Nepal. They are known as an Oriental rug. Also check the knots as a vintage Persian rug use a single looping knot different to Turkish carpet that uses a double looping knot. Also check the back of the rug. If the pattern is visible, it is machine made as it has thick backing so go for the unseen pattern for the handmade rug.

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