Identifying the original Saarinen dining table

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Eero Saarinen was the original creator of Saarinen dining table. He has made a very genuine table of his own thought and creation in 1956. It was a very iconic table of his own which are different from any other kind of table. He was creating this table for Knoll, a manufacturer that based in United States. Now, there are a bunch of these copycat. Therefore, you have to acknowledge the original Saarinen table. Here are some tips that might be important for you.

Saarinen Round Dining Table

Vintage Saarinen Dining Table

39. saarinen dining table

Two different materials

The first that you have to check is the pedestal when the base meet the top. You have to make sure that it is totally original. There is no screw that exposed on top side of the table. If you find any screw on top of the table, that you can make sure that the table is not original. The screw will be invisible form the top of it, if it is the original one. Thus, it will be clearly inspected from this way.

Saarinen Dining Table Oval

Saarinen Dining Table Knock Off

Saarinen Dining Table Ebay

Materials for the top

From those explanation, it is clearly that the Saarinen dining table is made from two materials. The top and the rod-leg. The rod-leg, or the base is always made from aluminum, usually, colored in black white and also platinum. While for the top is various, it can be made of vinyl, marble, wood veneer and granite. However, marble is the most common which used for these table.

Since marble has been a common materials for this Saarinen table, there are a lot of copycats form it. So, you have to be aware of it. The original Saarinen dining table will use Arobasceto marble or anything with a higher quality than this. If you found any other that does not meet this qualification, you could claim that it is unoriginal.

Eero Saarinen Dining Table.

39. saarinen dining table 2

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