How To Care Shag Rugs

Friday, August 8th 2014. | Rug

Shag rugs require more intensive care because their long fibers grab more dirt and spills than short fibered rugs. To bring a retro ambiance to a space, this rug is the perfect choice. However, without further care, it will quickly look unpleasant and dirty in your room. The name came from its appearance and feels that is a little shaggy, rather similar to a sheepdog. It can be made of acrylic, wool, nylon, silk, or polyester giving the feel of floppy and thick fiber. Dirt can be easily accumulated unnoticed if the rug is not regularly vacuum cleaned causing the long bulbous fibers are much more difficult to care for and clean than shorter fibered rugs.

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Removing Dust And Debris

The easiest way to clean loose dust and debris is by bringing the shag rugs outside and put it over a clothesline, railing, or table with the back side facing up. Shake them to remove loose dirt and dust. Remove entrenched dirt by beating the back of the rug with a broom. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt on the floor where the rug usually sits. When vacuuming, set to the high setting and moves the beater farthest from the floor to avoid getting the rug fibers stuck in the vacuum. Use canister vacuum with brush as alternative to a standard push vacuum. Vacuum the entire carpet regularly especially in areas of high traffic or where the kids play. For maximum debris removal, vacuum every row of fiber.

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Spill Cleaning

If your shag rugs are accidently stained by spills, use paper towels to blot spills straightaway. It is important to remove and absorb of the liquid as much as possible until they dry. If the rug has a natural fiber backup or absorbent like cotton, put towel under the rug below the stain so the liquid does not reach the floor. Dilute the substance by rubbing the spot with a wet sponge. Repeat the above steps until no substance is noticeable. Let the rug dry completely before using it.

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