The Standard Size of the Kitchen Cabinet Depth

Sunday, April 27th 2014. | Kitchen Cabinet

Remodeling idea of your kitchen is actually needed in order to improve the look of the kitchen should be done for a decade. There are a wide range of things you should consider to attract all of the home owners to do some activities there. When the idea of changing and remodeling the kitchen cabinet comes out, there will be some questions that people will ask. One of them is about the standard size of kitchen cabinet depth. You need to be sure about the size so that you know exactly what you need to plan before buying and where you will place it in your kitchen.

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The Dimension of the Standard Kitchen Cabinets

The standard size of the basic kitchen cabinet depth is 24 inches while the height is 34.5 inches. For the wall cabinet or the upper cabinet, the height should be 12 inches of the depth. Base cabinets should be 36 inches of the height countertop on it. It is aimed to hang the wall cabinet 54 inches from the kitchen floor. Different from the base cabinet, the countertop should be 36 inches if all of the home owners want to have the standard dimension for the kitchen. However, if you prefer to have the double side of the seating, 30 inches can be chosen yet for the single size, 15 inches will be much better.

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For the kitchen planning, you can ask the help of the professional to help you finding the right size of the kitchen cabinet. In fact if you want to deal with this kind of job by yourself, you need to know the exact standard size of the kitchen cabinet. You can do some researches by using the internet to know the dimension of the kitchen cabinets and you have to be familiar with the size before dealing with similar task.


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