Fabricating Metal Work Table

Saturday, May 17th 2014. | Interior Design, Kitchen Cabinet

Sometimes in order to make a strong and durable result, fabricating the metal work table is needed to be done. By using this table, people can have the facility to weld, cut, and also grind the table. These kinds of tables would be resistant to any kinds of stain and they can be easily cleaned. The dimension of this table is exactly three feet long and also two feet wide. Yet, it is adjustable based on your convenient whether you want to have any size of the working table.

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Do-It-Yourself Fabricating Process

If you want to fabricate the metal work table, you can make your own without spending too much money on it. You can make the customization table based on your preferences and it will look unique since there is not similar product like you do. When you are interested to make your own table, you need to prepare square, grease pencil, metal sheet in a quarter thick in 24 inches. First of all you need to cut all of the edges into 24 inches bar and 36 inches bar. You can use square for making the right measurement in the angle of 45 degree at the end of each bar. Then you can mark by using the grease pencil.

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Table Frame

Second, at the bars you can clamp in the form of a rectangle for 36 inches at the sides while 24 inches for the ends. After that you can place that frame that you have prepared on the surface and then stand it at the corner of the leg. Then lay the sheet of the metal at the top of metal frame. Finally, you can weld the entire part of the table for attaching the top part of the frame. When you have passed these steps, it means that you are able to fabricate your metal work table.

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