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Tuesday, April 21st 2015. | Outdoor Furniture

 Outdoor dining settings are needed when you and your family want to experience a different dining experience. Dinner time is one of best times in the day when you can gather with your family around one table and enjoying meals and conversation. However, if we constantly have dinner inside the dining room, it can be pretty boring especially for the younger family member.

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They have to sit down during the dinner time without nothing much to see and to enjoy. That is why if you still want to have that precious family time during dinner, you have to think something so that the dinner time will be exciting, worth-waiting, and can be enjoyed by all the family members. Beside of the variation of foods that you can serve during dinner to avoid boringness, you can also arrange an outdoor dinner time.

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Your family will find this dinner experience exciting because you will do the dinner outside of the house instead of inside the boring dining room. They will have the outdoor sight to see, plenty of fresh air, and most importantly: unique dining experience. Below is more information about outdoor dining settings to help you plan your outdoor dinner time with your family.

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1.             Outdoor Dining Settings in the Garden

If you have a garden outside your house, you are probably the luckiest person right now because garden is one of the best places where you can have your outdoor dinner. When you have a garden, you can spare an area on the corner of your garden to be turned into an outdoor dining area. There, you and your family can have outdoor dining once in a while to avoid the boringness of constantly having dinner inside the house. On the corner of your garden, you can use concrete to build the foundation or the floor of the outdoor dining area. Make the floor prettier with fine rocks that you evenly spread on top of the concrete. For the decoration, place several pots of plants. Do not overdo it because you are literally in the middle of a garden with plenty of plants already. For the furniture, the most suitable furniture is a long wooden dining table with two long wooden benches for both table sides. Near the table you can have two small lanterns attached to a pole or trees. It will give romantic shades for your dining area.

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2.             Outdoor Dining Settings in the Patio

Having a patio on the outside of your house is a huge advantage for you. Patio is a useful area where you can host many occasions in it. Dinner time inside your patio is one of those occasions. Inside the patio, you can place one big round dining table and five to six dining chairs. Place the chairs around the dining table and suddenly you will have your very own outdoor dining area. In Patio, you will be more secure because there is roof on top of your head so that you will be protected from sudden rain. In patio, you will be more relax as well during the

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dinner time. You can place cushions near the dining table so that the younger family members can enjoy their post dinner moment relaxing on the cushion and so on. For more privacy, you can get screen patio with glass screen that you can shut at anytime. You can also have a patio with fireplace on it so that it will warm you up during dinner.  Maximize the function of the dining outside with having a barbecue party in the patio. With the outdoor dining settings in the patio your family will have the most unforgettable dining experience

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