Standard Kitchen Cabinet Depth to Enhance its Functionality

Saturday, May 3rd 2014. | Kitchen Cabinet

Nowadays kitchen cabinets not only used as storage of food ingredient, kitchen utensils, and other items. But kitchen cabinets become so popular around the world and can help make your kitchen look more amazing and stylish. This is because the kitchen cabinets can be made in several designs as you want. If you can turn it into an attractive accent, then your kitchen will be so awesome. Remember that the main function of the kitchen cabinet is the storage space, and then there are several things you should consider to optimize its main function. The most important thing in making good kitchen cabinet is the standard measurements of the kitchen cabinet depth. Read the following review below to make perfect kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet parts

What is the Standard of Kitchen Cabinet Depth?

Before you make a kitchen cabinet, you should be able to plan how the shape and design of your kitchen cabinet that you want to create. It would greatly assist in the installation of your kitchen cabinets. Then consider the standard measurement of kitchen cabinet depth that will make your kitchen cabinets look straight, balanced, and become a powerful storage.

kitchen cabinet plan

kitchen cabinet depth

Here is the standard measurement kitchen cabinet depth:

  1. Distance between countertop and upper cabinets: 18 inches
  2. Upper cabinet depth: 12 inches
  3. Lower cabinet depth: 24 inches
  4. Countertop overhang: ¾ to 1 inch
  5. Countertop height: 36 inches
  6. Kick space: 4 inches high, 3 inches deep

If you already know the standard measurement of the kitchen cabinets, it is time to design the shape and style that you want to create. Then you can start the installation by measuring the floor as the base cabinet. You must make sure that the floor surface is flat to make solid kitchen cabinets. After that you can start the installation of kitchen cabinets with the standards measurement. And the last you can decorate your kitchen cabinets with variety ways. Mix and match the color and accessories, and your kitchen cabinets will appear so wonderful.

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