Fundamentals For Effective Residential Painting

Monday, June 30th 2014. | Maintenance

Painting is an essential portion for homeowners whether you are just touching up a room or repainting a whole house. Here are some important residential painting tips that may be your handy guide to renovate your home.

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The Rules

There are no formal rules about residential painting color option. However, you should consider of some guidelines for painting. When choosing your paint color, you can try these color schemes including adjacent, monochromatic, triadic and complementary.

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Paint Brush

When shopping for residential painting tools for your project, you may be enticing to buy a cheap paint brush. Avoid doing this. Higher price paint brushes have the best quality that stand longer. It is best to choose high quality brushes as investments to repaint your walls with a new coat of color.


Paint scrapers are important tools to have for residential painting. They have different type to do different function. Find a lot of information about each scrapper for each project you are going to do. Each types of scrapers have different way to use make sure you know how to use scrapper properly.

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Do not use VOCs

Some paints contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds which can cause breathing and eye problems, cancer, nausea, headaches, and faintness. So it is best to use low- or no-VOC paints for residential painting. You can see the content written on its container so make sure you know the content of the paint before buying it.

Weather resistant Paint

Your exterior paint should offer more than you expect. Extreme weather should be easily resisted by a good exterior paint product, but it should be breathable adequately to allow humidity vapor to outflow. There are ways for weatherproofing with paint. Each residential on each area has different humidity and temperature that weatherproof paint can deal. Consult to your painter for suitable exterior residential painting in your area.

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