DIY wood furniture restoration: you can do it by yourslef!

Tuesday, April 1st 2014. | Maintenance

Restoring your wood furniture is not so hard. Even you can do it by yourself at home. You can make your dull furniture looks new. Moreover, some old furniture have a unique effect which does not have by a new furniture. The dull effect is what makes it unique. You have to exposure it so that it looks nice. Here are some tips that could help you in restoring your old wood furniture.

Wood Furniture Restoration Tips

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Identify the finish

The first thing that you must do is identifying the finish. Every furniture has different finishing. Therefore, you need to know about it. It is really important in wood furniture restoration.  Your technique would be nothing if you do not know the finish. Identify a painted finish is easy, but the other like wax might be hard. However, you can detect it by touch and rub it, the high glossy effect it is. You have to know it before you do the next step.

Wood Furniture Restoration Ideas

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Different technique for different finish

Then, it is just about the cleaning. After noticing those, you have to decide which kind of cleaning that will be useful for wood furniture restoration. There would be different cleaning step for a different finish. Therefore, you also have to know about it.

It might be simpler if you have a painted finish. To restore it, you may just need to paint it again. However, if you want some new touch you have to clean it up first. You can have an alcohol rubbed on your furniture to clean any soaked paint. Then, you can start to paint it with the new color.

Wood Furniture Restoration Diy

Edge Of The Wood Furniture Restoration

However, if you find a wax finish, your wood furniture restoration way might be much harder. First you need to remove those wax. You can use thinner to remove those wax. Put a damp cloth into the thinner than rub it into the furniture. You need to rub it carefully. If not, you may not get the best result. After finish with it, you can refinish it again with wax or some other things.

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