Choosing The Best Couch Recliner

Thursday, August 21st 2014. | OFFICE FURNITURE

Having a couch recliner in your living room gives you something more than just a place to watch TV. It gives you something different than your common sofa. Reclining sofa allow you to more than just sitting on or lying across seating furniture. If you want to buy new couch, go make a research, measurement and go to store for shopping with all you have equipped with.

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You have to consider about the purpose of your couch recliner. Consider how many people it can accommodate. If you are a couple or single, a love seat works best. You can have multipurpose seat for big families or guests by buying sectional sofas with a reclining feature.


Your choice of your couch recliner depends on the size available in your room. Measure exactly the space available for your recliner sofa so it can perfectly fit your space. Draw a layout of the room including furniture. Make sure you provide clearance in back to allow for the back to recline and in front to allow for the foot rest to come out. Do not forget the sofa should fit to pass through doorways.


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You can choose between two types of couch recliner, electric recliner and manual recliner that are adjusted by hand. Manual reclining sofa is normally set by a lever or basically by a push-back motion of your body. Make sure you try this in person in a store to feel the impression. The manual recliner may come with only one or two positions or might be set for the recline degree.

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Electric recliners can be adjusted for exact degree. You can find one that have additional whistles and bells such and even a built-in heating pad or massager. Make a research about the pros and cons of each type before you go to store and asking a lot of question to the salespeople. You will less likely for being overwhelmed if you already know what type of recliner you’re looking for.

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