Advantages and features of full size mattresses

Thursday, March 13th 2014. | Living Room

Mattresses is always use above our bed. However, there are several classification about it. There are single, full, queen and king bed size. It is ascended from the smallest one. However, full size mattresses are somehow different. It has two different type, full and extra full. Here is a discussion about it. You will understand more about it. Thus, you will known more and could choose for the best consideration before buying a full size mat.

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Full Size Mattresses On Sale

Two types

There are two different full size mattresses. The first one is regular full mattress. It has 54 inches for the wide and 75 inches long. It is a little bit different form the extra full mattress which has 54 inches wide and 80 inches long. So, you can have two people which height is over 75 inches to sleep on it. This would help you in choosing one of those two. Moreover, this mattress is cheaper than twin or queen size though it has almost similar dimension.

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Full Size Mattresses For Bunk Beds

Pillow top feature

However, a good quality of full mattress has a pillow top feature. Usually, it is 6-8 inches thick. It would give you an extra layer at top of your bed. By having this feature you will get more sensation when leaning on your head and enjoying some relaxation on bed. You will feel more comfort on it.

Full Size Mattresses Dimensions

Full Size Mattresses And Box Springs

Cheap and easy to move

This full size mattresses also cheap. In other side, you can have two people lying on it. So, you can share your bedroom with your partner here. It would be good for your budget. Moreover, it would be much easier for you if you want to move the mattress. Even though it is quite big, but it would be much easier for those who want to move the mat. So, it is quite portable for those who want to move the mat to the other room.

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