Top Tufted Leather Office Chair References for You

Sunday, May 3rd 2015. | FURNITURE

Are you looking for office chair? Well, there are so many kinds of office chair that you can choose. Besides that, it is also made by some materials according to what you need. Having office chair with good quality can support your best work. You can enjoy your working by using that chair. That’s why choosing office chair requires you to look some references.Talking about office chair, actually this article is going to give you some recommended products of tufted leather office chair. So, don’t leave your best chance to read this article! Let’s check them below and find your best reference here! Good luck!

black tufted leather office chair

High Back Traditional Tufted Black Leather Executive Office Chair

Well, this is the first recommended office chair that can be your reference. For its design, it has shiny black color that can give elegant look. Then, it also has high back. So, you can lay your head by its back while working. The back also has oversized design so it is suitable for every people with different body size.As its name, this chair is also completed by button tufted back with locking tilt control that is easy to navigate. By using its button, you can adjust the height of this chair as you wish. Then, you also can feel the seat’s smoothness by sitting on this chair. It is made by leather with high capacity. Besides having smooth seat, it also has swivel capacity. So you can turn around the chair too.

hekman tufted leather executive office chair

By its traditional look, in fact this chair has classic look. Then, for the legs, it has two wheel casters that are modified with mahogany wood. That’s why it also supports its traditional look. Well, for the dimensions, this chair has 27 inches of width and 51 inches for the total height. So, where can you get this chair? You can get this chair at Ebay only by 459.00 dollars.

high back tufted leather office chair

Flash Furniture High Back Traditional Tufted Brown Leather Executive Office Chair

The second recommendation for you is flash furniture high back traditional office chair with brown color. Like its name, it has shiny brown color. It also has high back that can be used to lay your head. This chair is completed the back button that can be used for adjusting the chair’s height. So, you can navigate the height of this chair when sitting on it.

used tufted leather office chair

Then, this chair also can be turned around easily. So, it is so suitable for your office. Besides that, this chair is completed by dual wheel chair. You can move this chair easily even while sitting on it. This chair is really designed for office worker.alking about the seat, it has soft upholstery of leather. The cushion is also so soft. You can enjoy sitting on it by this cushion. Meanwhile talking about dimensions, this chair has height about 51.25 inches and width about 26.5 inches. Then, how much cost is it? Well, only by 451.43 dollars, you can get this tufted leather office chair at Ebay.

white leather tufted office chair

New Traditional Button Tufted Executive Office Chair

This is the last product of Ebay that can be the recommendation for your office chair. This chair has black color with brown color for its legs. Its leg is made by mahogany wood. Then, it is also completed by dual wheel chair that can help you to move this chair.Meanwhile for its back and seat, it has standard height and softness. But, don’t worry everyone! You can still feel comfortable for sitting on this chair. Then, it also has navigated button that can be used for adjusting the height. How much cost this chair? Well, you can buy this tufted leather office chair by 189.00 dollars.

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