The Most Creative Hanging Rack for Clothes

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We have discussed about clothes rack for laundry room. There are many clothes rack that you can use in the laundry room to dry the clothes, to hang the coat, hat, scarf, and even as the open closet. Clothes rack has various design and model, and the most popular one is hanging clothes rack.

 clothes hanging rack for laundry room hanging drying rack for clothes

It is because the design is simple and we can make it easily. We also can use old or unused thing like wooden stick, wooden ladder, pipe, and many others. Hanging racks also becomes favorite everyone because can save more space, can be applied in small space and can be an effective hanger. So, if you want to know more hanging rack for clothes, here are some creative hangers for you.

Creative hanging rack for clothes

If the wooden ladder, unused window, or old pipe has been commonly used as hanging rack for clothes this time you will find something new. It still hanging clothes rack but created with lots of creativity and you can make it yourself. The first one is beaded hanging clothes rack. It is made from string of beads that can used to hang the clothes or coat.

hanging rack for baby clothes metal hanging rack for clothes wooden hanging rack for clothes


You can coloring the beads as you like then hang it on the wall, and then you can hang your clothes here. Then you can make drying rack or hanging clothes from dowel rods or metal rods of fishing poles. It is unique clothes rack that can be centerpiece of your laundry room. And the last one is very simple and creative hanging rack for clothes. You can easily make it your self. Just take a branch and then hang it on the ceiling with rope or chains. Then you can use is as airy drying rack. It is so simple right?

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