Master Bathroom Design: Remodeling Guidelines

Monday, June 23rd 2014. | Bathroom

If your master bathroom design is expertly remodeled, it will last longer to provide pleasure and comfort for you and anyone in the home. Bathroom actually is a tricky space with lots of fixtures packed into a compact space plus the volumes of water ready to burst out from leaks. Prepare your budget and planning carefully to keep the bathroom remodeling project on track. Make sure to choose the top quality toilet, sink, and countertop for your space. Here are ways that ensure will help you to remodel bathroom on your own or hire someone out.




The most common problem in master bathroom design is hidden water damage including from a running toilet or shower pan. One sign of severe water damage is if the floor feels elastic. A vent stack inside a wall is a good example of totally hidden problem that make you want to knock down. A qualified contractor will investigate as many issues as possible. But as they cannot see what is beneath the wall, provide 15 percent extra spending into your budget. So you can keep extra money if the project runs well.

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Your master bathroom design surfaces offer more than just the general aesthetic. They prevent most of damage. Porcelain tile is the most popular for use on either or both floors and walls as well as sinks. Choose for larger tile sizes to reduce putty lines to lessen maintenance. Granite and quartz are best for the countertop delivering the robustness and visual attentiveness. For cheap and low quality material choose laminate and solid surface.

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Think through water efficacy

For more water-efficient, opt for better toilets, Showerheads, and taps in your master bathroom design. There are many rain showerheads that offer low-flow. Also opt for toilets that use just a gallon per flush to save water. For faucets, choose one with an aerator to decrease the water flow in the bathroom sink.

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