Guidelines of bathroom renovations on a budget

Wednesday, June 18th 2014. | Bathroom

Every day you spend some of your time in your bathroom, so your bathroom’s function or style should not be set aside. Here are guidelines of bathroom renovations on a budget without sacrificing its comfort and easy maintenance and see how your bath transform into amazing room.




Deep Clean Surfaces

Give your bath a full cleaning to make it looks and feels enhanced as it is bathroom renovations on a budget. Take to pieces the light fittings and clean all spheres. Do this by dusting the exhaust fan and ceilings. Brush all cracks and fissures. Mop the shower stalls and walls. Clean all doors, frames and filing cabinet. Clean up bathrooms by getting the grime off the grout outlines. Brush the grimy grout with an old toothbrush and a soft bleach formula by mixing 10 parts water with one part bleach. Shield the washed grout with a grout sealer. You may need to remove tainted or broken grout permanently and buy new one.

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Replace fixture

Mold, fungus and surface damage can be fought using bath’s exhaust fan. A fan that works quietly and well helps circulate the air in the bathroom no less than 8 times per hour. Try buying integrated lighting with exhaust fan unit. Replace your toilet seat and closure to immediately refresh a bathroom. Replacing seats are easy and they come in various color and comfort.

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Remove toilet seat by unscrewing the bolts from above with a flathead screwdriver and holding the toilet seat locks from their position from underneath with a pair of pliers. Clean the entire toilet exterior totally and then insert the locks of the new toilet seat into the holes. Put the nuts in bolt and secure with a pliers and screwdriver. Do not over-constriction the bolt or you might damage the toilet. Replace your showerhead with new one to add a treating sensation to your bath. There are many new fixtures for bathroom renovations on a budget offering attractive and functional features.

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