Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas for Small Apartment

Monday, April 6th 2015. | Interior Design

Studio apartment decorating ideas are good option for you who are looking for the perfect design for small apartment. Decorating small living space is really challenging and it also needs careful treats. Wrong choices of decoration may turn your small space into narrower instead of making it look more spacious. When you apply studio apartment design to your small living space, all your daily basis activities commonly are done in one room. Studio apartment decorating ideas are really beneficial because it helps you to trick the small space to be much functional and look more attractive as well as avoiding crowded look.

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Types of furniture for studio apartment

Furniture becomes vital factor when you decorating small space. Here, several types of furniture that is suitable to be included in studio apartment decorating ideas. Multifunctional furniture is good option to dress up your small studio apartment. For instance, you can put a bookshelf that also can be functioned as storage. Make sure you choose furniture that at least has double functions in order to save more space.

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Instead of choosing sofa that only can be used for seating, you had better to choose sofa that also can be set up as a bed. Alongside with multifunction furniture, using portable furniture is one of good studio apartment decorating ideas. Portable furniture can be easily moved and it is good option for small space. Furniture that is easily moved will make you easier to transform the room into whatever design that you like.

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For instance, if you need larger space for formal events in your studio apartment, you could shove away the portable furniture into one side in just short period of time. Instead of put small furniture into your studio apartment, large furniture can be a better choice for studio apartment decorating ideas. Much small furniture in the small space can make the room look crowded. Meanwhile, it can be functioned as focal point in the room as well as make the loom look larger. For instance, you could place king –size bed as focal point of the bedroom or large sofa to act as focal point of the living room.

Decorations to make the studio room look bigger

Dealing with the accessories that will be place in the apartment also can be used as studio apartment decorating ideas. Mirror is common trick to make small room look bigger. To make your studio apartment look more spacious, hang framed mirror on the wall. The reflection of the mirror could enhance the space look as well as reflecting the light. It could conceal the room partition as well. Placing mirror is one of effective studio apartment decorating ideas that you need to try.

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The best place to hang it is in small hallway or above the large short shelf. Window treatments are other way that could effectively trick small space. Select type of fabric that is suitable with the wall colour. Perfect colour of the fabric will allow the eye to stare across the window. If you use curtain, make sure you hang the rod close to the ceiling. The higher you place the rod, the taller the window will appear. Tricking the window is another studio apartment decorating ideas that work well to make the room look bigger.

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Choosing the right paint colour is another thing that you could do to make your studio apartment look bigger. As paint colour creates certain ambiance to the room, make sure you avoid using dark colours since it turns the look of the room to be even smaller. You had better to choose brighter paint colours for your studio apartment. Applying brighter a group of brighter colour would be another amazing studio apartment decorating ideas.

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