Best wool rug cleaning guide

Saturday, July 26th 2014. | Fabric and Materials

A wool rug is a great investment for your home as they are visually attractive, enhance interior decorating, and very strong and superior. However, as wools are thicker material, they tend to collect more dust and grunge in its fibers. Make sure you get regular wool rug cleaning of your wool rug to prevent dirt from adding up so it stays to look smooth and clean longer. Check these cleaning steps for your wool rug.



It is best to do wool rug cleaning outside and shake off any loose grime or dirt. Make sure the area is clean and dry so your wool rug does not get wet and added dirt. Then do a quick vacuum to your rug to remove all loose particles and irritating stains out of it. It is recommended to do regular vacuuming to your rug to prevent dirt from collecting and set in itself in rug. Damp your rug by smoothly sponging the rug with a mix of water and detergent after removing all loose dirt.


Clean all the soapy water off the rug. Before going to the next step, all soap should out of the rug. And then you have to dry your rug quickly so exert yourself to discard any extra wetness on the rug by hanging it out to dry under the sun or pressing it out. Just remember to not put your wool rug in a dryer after wool rug cleaning.


You should remove stains and dirt straightaway after they take place to avoid long term stains. Try scrubbing stain with a concentrated water and vinegar combination usually can successfully clean most stains. It is best to avoid wool rug cleaning chemical that may damage your rug. To be safe, read the cleaning directions and label that sent with your rug. Never scrub stains as it will only deepen the stain. Instead, pull the stain out. When stains occur, blot the rug.

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