Steps in Sanding Kitchen Cabinets

Saturday, April 26th 2014. | Kitchen Cabinet


In order to have different look of your kitchen, some home owners usually have their own trick to make different result. At least this change does not have sweep away all of your money. When your kitchen cabinets look older and uninteresting, then you can do some make over without replacing the kitchen cabinet.sanding kitchen cabinet doors sanding kitchen cabinets before painting  sanding kitchen cabinets for painting  is said as one of the ways used by the people to have different look, different point of view, and different feeling toward the kitchen. Having a better look of the kitchen cabinet can make the desire of cooking improved.

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How to Sand the Kitchen Cabinets

Sanding kitchen cabinets can be done by yourself although you might think that it is quite complicated. Actually it is not that complicated when you want to sand the kitchen cabinets you have. You need to prepare pencil, chalk, and also the screwdriver. The first thing you need to do is by labeling the back part of the cabinet door and also the inside part of the drawer with different sign by using the pencil. Then, unscrew the door hinges by using screwdriver.

sanding kitchen cabinetstips for sanding kitchen cabinets

After that, you can remove the handles or knobs and place them safely. You need to rub over the rags from the surface many times until it does not pick more grime up. Then, fold a quarter of sheet of the 180 grit sandpaper and press down gently the sandpaper to the surfaces of the drawers, doors, and the cabinet. Next, wrap sandpaper that you have prepared for the molding detail. You need to work slowly to keep the pressure in and repeat the sanding process after you first sanded with the 180 grit sandpaper. The difference between the 180 and 220 is that the 220 grit is much softer than the 180 grit. You can try sanding by yourself then.




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