Brief History of Florence Knoll Sofa

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Maybe you have heard about Florence Sofa. But maybe also you do not have sufficient information about it. The history of Florence Knoll is a well-known story. But if you have not read the article about them before, here is some brief story of Florence Knoll Sofa.

florence knoll sofa

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Who is Florence Knoll?

Florence Knoll Bassett was born on May 24th 1917. He is an American architect and furniture designer. She graduated from the Kingswood School before studying at the Cranbrook Academy of Art (both institutions are located on the same campus in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan). Knoll also received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Armour Institute (now Illinois Institute of Technology) in 1941 and briefly worked with leaders of the Bauhaus movement, including Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and the American modernist, Wallace K. Harrison.

Florence Knoll Sofa Review

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Knoll and Furniture

In 1938, Hans Knoll founded his furniture company by that name in New York. He later met Florence who convinced him that his company should make a wider part in making interior too. Florence and Hans were married then. Florence Knoll brought a fresh idea into Hans Company. Florence Knoll felt architects should contribute their design ability to furniture as well. Later Florence Knoll believed that as an architect, she had to be able to design furniture which could be used in the interior design. She made it. Until she had to take care Hans Company as Hans Knoll was died in a car accident. Her interpretation of minimalist which applied in most of her product brought a good thing for her. She made a design which now we know as Florence Knoll Sofa.

Florence Knoll Sofa Original

Florence Knoll Sofa Knock Off

Knoll’s Products Nowadays

After sometimes, Florence retired. But her design in furniture brought a fresh air. She brought a minimalist idea. She also succeeds in bringing an idealistic that an architect should be able to design furniture also. It is important because as an architect, they sometimes have to think about a new idea of interior design such as creating sofa. So, this is a brief history of Florence Knoll Sofa


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