Combining Color for the Teal Kitchen Cabinets

Saturday, April 26th 2014. | Kitchen Cabinet

Have you ever imagined that you have a future house whose kitchen cabinets have the color of blue? No, it is not the common blue that represents the color of the sea. It is a little bit pale and dark but it gives different feeling while looking at it. When you want to have a minimalist yet modern look, then the teal kitchen cabinets will suit you taste best. Teal is actually the combination of both color of green and blue. It is totally a pleasing color to try.

dark teal kitchen cabinets distressed teal kitchen cabinets

Colors to Combine with Teal Kitchen Cabinets

When you have the idea of remodeling the kitchen cabinets to be the teal kitchen cabinets, then you need to know some colors to combine so that the feeling of teal can be displayed in great manner. For your information, the bright color such as yellow and orange cannot be picked because the teal color shows the how peaceful the color is. The light teal can reflect the ambiance of the calm feeling and the soothing color will be obtained from this shade. You can go for the light teal to be applied on the wall.

teal kitchen cabinets

teal kitchen cabinetsteal kitchen cabinets


Aqua teal is another combination of the color that is well known because the ambiance feeling of the entire room becomes restful, energetic, and peaceful. This aqua teal is softer than the aqua hues. However, you are able to choose the darker shade of this combination too that will impress lots of people.

teal kitchen cabinetsteal kitchen cabinetsteal kitchen cabinets

The last option is the teal blue. It is a shade that brings the combination of blue rather than green. It gives the color that can shine just like the place where you enjoy the beauty of the ocean or the river bank. The airy mood can be created here. It is the most popular combination compared to others.