Memory Foam Mattress: Benefits And Weaknesses

Thursday, September 4th 2014. | Bedroom Interior Design

Everyone adores a good night’s sleep especially after a long hard day that your body needs enough rest to keep in shape for the next day’s challenge. To get a proper sleep, you need a good mattress. There are several types of bed out there that offer a good night sleep for the sleeper. There is a type of bed called the memory foam mattress that you might have already heard that it can help people to sleep better. Is it true? Keep reading the article to find out more.

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Advantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is made from a material named viscoelastic that is very soft and energy permeable. It casts to the body in reaction to temperature and pressure, equally allocating body weight. Once you remove the pressure, it then turn back to its original shape. Many people who use memory foam mattress have good experience when sleeping. Memory foam may improve sleep as it releases aching pressure points.


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The temperature from your body tempers it in certain points when you lie on the memory foam so it helps to backing your body alongside the natural lines and curves of the body. Memory foam helps release pain and thus encourages more relaxing sleep. In people with back pain, these mattresses may lead to better sleep. It also minimizes further motion that reduces the amount of times people wake up during the night. It also prevents bed partner’s movements that cause unnecessary awakens. memory foam mattress costco  memory foam mattress jacksonville fl memory foam mattress jakarta memory foam mattress jamaica memory foam mattress jcpenney

Disadvantages of Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress may retain body heat making it less comfortable in warm weather. However, you can adjust your thermostats or blankets for the suitable temperature. Brand new memory foam produces an unusual chemical smell called off gassing that may cause unpleasing experience. But you can minimize this problem by airing out the mattress before putting sheets on it. The smell will dissolves fast. However, you are recommended to not allow using memory foam for young children as this soft bedding traps carbon dioxide that raises the risk of sudden infant death syndrome case.

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