Mattress Tempurpedic Sleep Tips

Thursday, September 4th 2014. | Bedroom Interior Design

Mattress tempurpedic may provide you a good night sleep and void aching and pain after you wake up as long as the mattress is used properly. The mattress is made of memory foam material that will give evenly support to your back, shoulder and waist contrasting to conventional spring mattress that may cause pain on your back. Tempurpedic bed comes with warranty that requires you to place the mattress on the right foundation. If you do not do this, you may void the warranty. Make sure you know these important aspects when using the tempurpedic bed.

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Make sure you place your mattress tempurpedic on a firm, compact-surface, non-spring base or reclining bed base that is architecturally capable to support it. Do not place plywood or particleboard over your current foundation as it may not provide the support required by the mattress.


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Quilted or poly filled, conventional mattress pads are not suggested to use as it can affect your pleasure and experience of the full pressure-releasing abilities of exclusive mattress tempurpedic material. You are suggested to not flip the mattress as it is a one-sided designed and should certainly not be flipped.


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Mattress tempurpedic is sensitive to temperature. The mattress will become slightly firmer in rooms with 65 degrees Fahrenheit or less. But do not worry as it will eagerly warm and affect to your body heat when you lie on it. Avoid using an electric blanket or heating pad with the mattress as the material is temperature sensitive. This may cause the unique ability of your mattress to damage.

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Your mattress tempurpedic sometimes takes some weeks to suitably condition your body which it may feel firmer and different to the one you test on the showroom. It requires times to accustom to the distinctive feeling of the mattress. You may need extra time to adapt to the pressure releasing abilities but others may feel very relaxed on the first night so a few people will take effect differently at first use.

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