How to Make a Mirrored Chest Of Drawers

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Make your own mirrored chest of drawers can be so much fun rather than purchased in ready-made. You also can design the chest drawers on your style. No matter how complicated your style is, mirrored drawers will go for them. Custom chest of drawers also will bring a different look and style to the entire room. Be wise to consider space to place your chest drawers. In case, you don’t have large space, make your chest in small size. You also can decorate the chest in the way you are. So, are you getting interested in making any? Let’s find out what you’ll need to prepare and the steps!

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Materials you should prepare for mirrored chest of drawers

Before making the chests, ensure to prepare all materials you will need. The materials are one of the most important things to make your own chest. Go to your local store or hardware retailer to purchase all the materials. Consider the price and the quality over the material is a must. Here are the materials you have to prepare for making a mirrored chest of drawers.

  • Chest of drawers, it can be made of wood or metal. Avoid using plastic chest of drawers because it will be hard to attach with the mirror.

  • Mirrors cut out to suit each drawer fronts.

  • Knobs

  • Handles

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Tools for mirrored chest of drawers

Tools are also one of the most fundamental things in building a mirrored chest of drawers. Put in order the tools to execute the materials before starting make any. You can go to hardware retailers or just borrow to your neighbor. Here are the tools you will need.

  • Mini roller and paintbrush.

  • Dust mask

  • Grit-sandpaper

  • Primer paint

  • Coat paint

  • Water based paint

  • Semi gloss paint

  • The sealer

  • Liquid nails for mirror

  • Metal and glass

  • Flat rubber gourmets (each knob is 1 rubber)

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cheap mirrored chest of drawers uk

Measure the drawers flat face and take the measurement to your local glass supplier to make all mirrored panels cut and also drilled (especially for knobs). The holes drilled have to be somewhat lighter than necessary, yet still camouflaged by the knob when it is fitted back in place.

The steps to make your own mirrored chest of drawers

Follow these instructions below to make your own mirrored chest of drawers. Be careful in attaching certain materials. Have a look!

  1. Step 1

Remove all the drawers for the chest. Remove and unscrew the knobs from drawers and place them in a safe place. Wear a dust mask and sand the body of chest and also the drawers using grit-sandpaper lightly. This will make a rough surface for primer paint to stick to.  Brush away the dust.

  1. Step 2

Apply coat and primer paint all over the body of chest and drawers using paintbrush and mini roller. Allow it to dry. And then, clean your painting tools and let them to dry.

  1. Apply two coats paint which is allowing time to dry the coats in between using both paintbrush and mini roller. Since this is final color, you don’t need to paint the area that will be covered by mirrors.

  2. Once the paint is totally dry, fix the mirrored panels in place. Apply liquid nails to the back of the mirror and on face position of the drawers with the drawers stand on ends and working 1 at a time. Repeat this process for every drawer and allow them to dry. If your drawers are in flat-faced, use a small strip of masking tape to hold the position of the mirror while the glue dries.

  3. Re-affix each knob to the drawers, and place the flat rubber grommet between the mirror and each knob. Be careful not to over-tighten the knobs, since you are possibly to crack the mirrors. Place the drawers back in the chest and now your mirrored chest of drawers is ready to use.


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