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Thursday, April 17th 2014. | MODERN FURNITURE

Dining table is a prominent furniture in your dining room. It always needed for you since this is very important for you to serve the meal on it. However, there are a choice for you to make your dining room to looks more contemporary. It is glass top dining table. Many modern and minimalist designer rather to choose this kind of dining table than other. However, there are advantages and disadvantages that you have to know about it.

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The very obvious advantage of this kind of dining table is the elegance impression. The glass top of the table makes it become more elegant and luxurious. It will be great for those who like contemporary design. It will fit well with your house design. The glass top will make your kitchen looks more luxurious since it will reflect any things on top of it. Moreover, it has various shape so that you can choose it as you wish.

Glass Top Dining Table Sets

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In other side, this glass top dining table always has two or more materials. The first is clearly the glass top. It make your dining room looks more luxurious and shiny. Then, for the legs it usually use metal or wood. However, metal material is often use rather than the wooden. The combination of those two materials beginning to make this thing to be more precious. Moreover, this dining table also more durable than its look due to the legs.

Best Glass Top Dining Table Sets


This thing looks really perfect. However, there always downside of it. The glass top, is fragile. If you are not really aware of it, it could be dangerous. Moreover, some shapes, especially rectangular shape are not really recommended for you. The sharp edge could be the dangerous thing that can be blamed for. However, this glass top dining table still worth for you to try.

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