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Wednesday, April 16th 2014. | MODERN FURNITURE

Most people think that set a room is an easy work, especially living room. Of course, you can do it with yourself. You can also add some creative ideas in it. However, there some other things that you have to realize for setting the living room. There are some advices to create living room sets that might be important for you to know about it.

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The very first thing that you have to know to set your living room is about the placing. You need to spread the furniture in a good composition. Do not place all the furniture in one side of the room. It make an asymmetric impression which is not good for a room. Therefore, it must be picky for you to make the best. Modern design will have more variety for it. However, you have to really acknowledge about it before you are going to do it by yourself.

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Do not place the furniture too near with the wall. Moreover, you face the furniture against it. You have to make the living room sets that can be used for you and others to socialize. Therefore, it will be useless if you put the furniture against the wall. It might be good since you can see the view outside. However, it is not the purpose of the living room. Therefore, you have to know it before you act.

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You have to be really know about the space in your living room. It will really effect on your living room sets. The modern design of living room mostly used a minimalist idea. It might be good for those who only has small space for their living room. It is important for you to give space for the traffic that happens in your house. You have to consider it a lot to create a very good living room design.

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