How To Paint A Room In Simple Way

Sunday, July 20th 2014. | Interior Design

Painting a room is the cheapest way to freshen the look without having to hire professionals. All you need to do is working neatly, efficiently and preparing carefully. Here are steps on how to paint a room in simple way that you can do on your own.


The first thing to do in how to paint a room, get organized and prepares anything. Move all fixtures out of the space where you will do the painting or cover them with drop cloths. Also lay drop cloths to cover the floor. Gather the tools and mix paint on designated area you want. Always work from the top down to help you correct any drips. Paint large areas like walls before working the trim.

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Repair Broken Surfaces

Scrape away timeworn, peeling paint, and lightly sandpaper woodwork to allow new paint to adhere. This is the important step in how to paint a room. Coat high-gloss enamel paints before repainting using a primer-sealer. Use drywall compound to patch small flaws. Use drywall or plaster to patch larger hole allow it to dry, sand smooth and then wash dust off the walls. Use painters tape to mask windows and baseboard, ceiling moldings and door frames.

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Use a paint stick to mix the paint and do this frequently to prevent the pigments from settling. Brush paint over the wall by making long, soft brushstrokes to avoid smudges and brush marks. Cover your hair and eye when painting ceiling. You can use rollers to paint on higher or wider surfaces. Apply second coat to match the color you prefer. Let it dry completely. And then you can remove the painter’s tape from the trim. Then tape around the trim. Start painting the trim from closest to the ceiling and then go down. Paint door and window frames first before the baseboards. You can apply second coat of paint as long as the first coat is completely dry. You can remove the tape after it dry. Now the steps for how to paint a room is done and you can enjoy the new paint.

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