Remodel Laundry Room with Cool Hanging Clothes Rack

Thursday, May 15th 2014. | BEDROOM FURNITURE

When the laundry room getting older or looks shabby, it is time to remodel it with something new. Hanging clothes rack is unique centerpiece that can make your laundry room appears cooler. Here are some cool hanging clothes that will inspire you to create new design of your laundry room. It will be simple to do, so you can do it yourself. You just need to re-paint or use some old furniture, mix with colorful accent and your laundry room will appear so stylish.

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DIY Hanging Clothes Rack

You can make simple hanging clothes rack with your creativity. For example if you have unused wooden stick then you can wrap it with the rope and then hang it on the ceiling. It is so simple to do and you can hang the clothes as soon as possible. Then you also can use unused wooden ladder to dry your clothes


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Hang it with chains or rope and then put your clothes here. It will be unique and chic clothes rack. For more unique hanging clothes rack you can use industrial idea by using some pipes. Pipe can be used to hang the clothes in the laundry room. Then plumbing pipe shelves also can be one smart solution for your laundry room. Scaffolding tube coat hanger could be an amazing clothes rack. hanging clothes rack from ceiling hanging clothes rack on wheels hanging clothes rack with cover


Well you can make your laundry room more attractive with unique hanging clothes rack. It is very simple to do so you can make it yourself. Just use unused thing or repaint it then your clothes rack will appears fresher. To remodel your laundry room you just need lots creativity and yours will be so awesome. Find out more design ideas by following our review. We will give more information about how to remodel inside the home.

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