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Thursday, March 20th 2014. | Kitchen Cabinet

Refacing your cabinet at the kitchen would give you good ways in making a new look for you. It would be good for you to have it on your own. However, there are something that you have to notice in kitchen cabinet refacing. These are the important tips that you have to notice before refacing your kitchen cabinet.

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Remove the doors and drawer

The first thing, to do is removing your cabinet doors or drawers. You can start to clean those are first. It is important to clean up first the less visible area. You may start from the side which is less visible. There might be a lot of dust and dirt which cannot be seen. However, you can have an option of buying a new door or drawer to be installed on the cabinet. Then you can start veneering it starting from the less visible part too. This step will help you in gaining a new look of your cabinet.

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Then it comes to staining process. It is good for you to have it. Use a brush or rag. In this step, you can get a new color of your furniture. Therefore, it is the main part of having kitchen cabinet refacing. Stain the unremoved part first. Then, stain the removed part such as doors or drawers. It would reducing some dripping stains. So, you can have a great result.

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Finishing and Reassembling

The third step is about the finishing step. You must remember that your kitchen cabinet has been damaged a lot by the cooking process in the kitchen. Therefore, you have to use a water-base polyurethane. Use a brush to clean with it. You can do it in order to finish the staining process.

After all is done, you can start to reassemble the cabinet. It is all the process of kitchen cabinet refacing. You will have a great result from it.

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