DIY Cleaning sofa bed mattress

Monday, April 21st 2014. | BEDROOM FURNITURE

Sofa bed is a very useful things that you can have in your bedroom. You can make it as a sofa either bed. Therefore, this two-in-one thing must be very good choice for you. You will get a real usefulness within this thing. This thing might be very dirty and hard to clean since you use it for those two different functions. In other side, you have to clean up those thing. Here are some tips that might be useful for you to clean sofa bed mattress.

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Removing and Vacuuming

Having a very dirty sofa will be embarrassing for you when you have guests. Therefore, you need to clean up your sofa bed before there are some guests that come and comment on your sofa bed. The first thing that you have to do is removing any cushions and cover in the bed and check any coins or items on it. You have to do it first before doing the next step.

Then you can do  the interesting part of it vacuuming your mattress will clean up any little dirt’s that cannot be seen. It will be the very essential maintenance that you have to do to take care your sofa bed mattress. It could also be done regularly to keep your sofa bed in a very good condition.

45. sofa bed mattress

Act of damp cloth for your sofa bed

After that the next step will be a repeated action of washing up your mattress and any uncover cushions with damped cloth. First, use it to any part of the sofa bed. It will clean up any dust that cannot be taken by vacuum cleaner. Then, do it again with any shampoo or washable fabric into your sofa bed mattress and cushions. After that, do the same step with just a clean watered damp cloth ass the final stage. Let it dry, and you will get your sofa bed looks like a new stuff again.

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