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Friday, March 14th 2014. | Living Room

If you have Goose Down Pillows in your house and you want to clean it, don’t be so doubt. They can be cleaned. You even can do this by your own hand. You do not need to bring them to professional laundry. Here are some steps and tips on how you should clean your pillows.

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Steps of Cleaning Them Up

Goose Down Pillows can be washed at home to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Before you begin, you have to check the pillow carefully for rips and tears. You have to mend them before you put them into your washing machine.

Load two pillows into your washer to balance the machine. You may also need to add some towels to keep the washer operating smoothly. Use cold water and only a small amount of detergent on the gentle cycle. When the cycle is complete, run the pillows through the rinse cycle again to ensure that all of the detergent is rinsed away.

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Fluff the feathers before you put the pillows in the dryer. Add tennis balls or clean tennis shoes to help break up the clumps of feathers. The dryer should be set on medium heat. Stop the dryer every 15 minutes and re-fluff the pillows. It will take longer than a normal load to get the pillows completely dry. It is a good idea to launder the pillows on a sunny day so that you can put them outside in the sun for a final dry.

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Tips on How They Should Be Taken Care of

Put a new bed pillow into a zippered case made from a fabric that resists moisture. Preventing humidity, perspiration or saliva from reaching the feathers and down of a bed pillow will help to reduce mildew and odors. Periodically examine the seams of feather pillows, like when removing the pillow case for laundering, to see if there are splits in the seams that need to be sewn. That is how you can take care and keep your goose down pillows clean and fragrant.

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