DIY ways on how to refurbish furniture

Wednesday, March 19th 2014. | Maintenance

Having a furniture means that you are also responsible in maintenance. What if you have a dull furniture? Does that means the furniture cannot be used again? Of course, you still can use the old sofa. Actually, there are many ways in how to refurbish furniture. An old furniture would be much better and you will be grateful for having a refurbished furniture in your home.

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How To Refurbish Furniture Wood

Make a Decision

Before you do any cleanse make sure that you read the label of the product that you are going to use. Some strip or paint remover are sensitive to an old wood. Therefore, you must read the label carefully. Then, you also have to decide what your old wood needs. Either wash it or strip it. You have to choose the better way from those two ways.

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How To Refurbish Furniture Diy

Strip and Wash

If you decide to strip down the wood, then you have to remember to use a rubber glove and mask. Then, make sure that you are not strip it back and forth, that could damaging the wood. If you do that, you cannot gain a great result of it.

After you finish with stripping down the wood, you still have to wash it to make it cleaner. Maybe, some dust are left on the furniture. Therefore, you need to wash it to make it more beautiful. That is how to refurbish furniture. Smooth again. This is the very first step in doing it.

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The final step: Staining

After doing that steps, you may found some little scratches. Therefore, you have to use a sandpaper to make it smooth again. It would also help you in cleaning up some residue from the first step. Then you can start to do the staining process. This is the final step in how to refurbish furniture. It would help you in gaining the color that you need. You can mix the wiping stains to gain the color that you want. After finish, wait until 24 hours to gain the great result.

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