Weekend DIY Projects for Home Improvement

Weekend is just round the corner and you are not the types who will just laze around like a couch potato? Good! Then invest your precious weekend in some DIY projects which will give a new look to your already beautiful home. We are here to share some really superb DIY ideas which can be a really superb thing for your home!

Fashionable All-Purpose Tote

You can use a tote to carry things around when you are off to a short trip at the market. You can also use it to organise things in your home. Put those magazines or folders or may be even newspapers in it and hang it in a corner. And you know what? You do not have to buy one. You can easily make one. Just take an clean old Tee and iron it. Turn it upside down and sew the bottom. Cut the sleeves and the neck. Now get the right side out and you are done! You canĀ  get a little creative and give it a few colourful strokes with oil paint.

For the Garden Lovers

If gardening is your passion then make a herb garden from a pallet that is stacked in the corner of your home. Just remove the horizontal boards to give more space to the herbs to grow. You will have to do a little carpenter work to get the pallet garden in proper shape and then just start planting your favorite herbs.



Get a Deck for your Home

If you want some more outdoor space for your home then having a deck is a good idea. You can actually try doing it on your own. Yes but we have to admit that you will have to put in a more efforts for this DIY idea. You will have to be good in carpentry work and yes it is not something that you can do all by yourself. You will have to call your besties to help you out with this one.

Hamper Drawer for your Linen Cabinet

For this you will first have to take the measurements. Then you need to cut the grooves with the help of a saw. Next comes the joining for which you may check some online tutorials. Then you need to seal the ply wood with paint or with clear coating etc. Once the drawer is ready you need to fit it and then add the cabinet pulls.

Make your house smell nice!

A good fragrance must always linger in your home. You will feel rejuvenated. You can make your carpet spell nice by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to baking soda. Sprinkle it on your carpet at night and vacuum it in the morning. Instead of using chemical based room fresheners just add few drops of citrus oil to distilled water and spray it your home.

Try out these amazing ideas for your home. Few DIY ideas will test your carpenter skills while some others are as easy as cakewalk.

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