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Relax in the DIY Outdoor Daybed

People nowadays like to have outdoor in the homes where they can plan their personal activities and have some private and quality time with friends plus family. The outdoor is one place where they can be as creative as possible. Moreover, as most of the people may not like to spend a lot for the furniture in the outdoor, they can invest in the DIY videos and easily create something interesting which will make them feel proud about their own creativity.



The DIY Outdoor day bed is an excellent idea for the people who can relax in the bed in the outdoors and watch movies in the laptops or tablets. They can even relax under the sun and spend time with family. Some private moments can be spent which will create memories which will be cherished for a lifetime. The video demonstrates the construction of the product and the step by step progress will make it very difficult to follow. The materials are easily available in the market and the interested people can go shopping to pick up the stuff. They can even use their own creativity to give a personal touch to the project.

Materials required for the construction of the daybed are mentioned below:

  • Frame is required for the outline of the bed. The dimensions are 2 by 3 for a standard queen- size of the bed.  The bed will be 60 by 80 inches. Extra inches on the sides can be allowed so that the mattress fits into the bed easily.
  • Measuring tape
  • Cutting saw
  • Paint brush
  • Mahogany decking
  • Buy the mattress from the market with the queen size measurements which is again easily available in the market. The thickness of the mattress depends upon the choice of the users. A waterproof mattress is going to the ideal one because whether change may damage the normal mattress. If there is an unused mattress lying in the house, then it can be used too. This will further make the project cost effective.

The one thing that you’ll need to consider is the whether, especially if at certain times of the year it can be rainy. We’d recommend getting some aluminum seamless gutters or something similar, that way all the water from your roof won’t ruin your day bed.

The above mentioned tutorial is very helpful for the construction of the daybed and the unused space in the backyard will turn into a very beautiful spot where you would often love to go and relax. Thus the people who are interested in crafting the daybed can make the best use of the video to construct one of the best products.

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