How To Arrange Sectional Sofa

Wednesday, August 20th 2014. | MODERN FURNITURE

A sectional sofa can provide your space amply of available seating and be very comfortable. However, it is such a large piece of furniture so knowing where to place can be difficult in compact space. You might be overwhelmed to how much seating you have after appropriate placement of this sofa. Here are tips for placing a sectional couch in your compact space.

sectional sofa

Be careful with the Chaise

The main factor in determining the place of your sectional sofa is the chaise lounge or additional extension of your sofa. Avoid tripping or the bother of having to walk around them to sit by placing such extensions at the proper place. Preferably, put temporary extensions including recliners in a less traffic place like outside walking areas or against a wall. Make sure there is adequate space for an extendable recliner when the footstool opens. The footstool should not block the way and be able to fully outspread.

Avoid Wall

Sectional sofa is larger and deeper than other sofas so placing it in the middle of the room allow you to use the rest of open space. The wall space can be used for other pieces of furniture and each sectional seat will be easily accessible.

Keep Them Together

Fitting the sectional sofa pieces better in the room, you might draw to separate them to different area. But it will create an awkward look. Sectional pieces are intended to be attached together. If you separate them, there is not an end on one half of the separated piece. It is best to keep the pieces together and complete to make it look finish.

Arrange Them Around A Coffee Table

A sectional sofa is larger, so you can make each seat is equally comfortable by placing them around a coffee table. It will provide each seat’s comfort and access to the coffee table. Choose slender and long coffee table to accommodate the whole sofa and it does not have to be mostly huge.

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