Having A Prestigious Dining Room By Putting Leather Dining Chairs

Tuesday, May 12th 2015. | FURNITURE

Are you getting bored of your conventional dining room style? Do you want to try another style? Then, you have to redecorate the furniture instead of change everything. It will save your money and energy. We recommend you to take leather dining chairs to replace your old conventional dining chairs. It will give you an extremely different dining room style than before. Why leather? Well, leather is the best material among others. You can choose between genuine or synthetic leather. It’s all depending on you. The synthetic one is way cheaper than the genuine for sure.

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Benefits of choosing leather dining chairs

Generally, leather dining chairs are made of genuine or synthetic leather. Each type of leather has its benefits and lacks. Genuine leather is way more expensive than the synthetic one for sure. Following are benefits of using leather dining chairs for your dining room:

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Synthetic leather

1.     It is cheaper than the genuine one.

2.     It is easy to take care of than the genuine one

3.     Available in various colors, not only black and brown.

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Genuine leather

1.     Made up of cow hide or buff or it is also in another skin material

2.     The color will stay longer and not easily fading away

3.     Feeling so cold and cool when you sit down on it.

4.     Anti scratch and well-preserved

5.     High quality furniture item

6.     Stiff price when you resell it in the future.

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By applying leather on your dining chairs it will comfort you when you are enjoying your meal. Leather dining chairs are also good to combined with wooden furniture such as table made from teak. It is perfect too if it is combined with metal. Just remember to mix and match the leather with another material not only with wooden or metal. Leather is perfect to be matched with anything. It will suit on classic, modern, conventional or minimalistic style. Let your creativity begin and create another dining room style by applying these kinds of chairs.

Lacks of leather dining chairs may comes up

You may need time to change your dining sets into leather dining chairs. It’s normal. Some people over-think about it. The cost is the main reason why people tend to buy the cheaper one like plastic or metal. Like any other, the leather material also has some lacks behind. It cannot be the most perfect material though. Here are few of lacks come up when you pick leather dining chairs:

1.     It is more expensive than wooden chairs.

2.     If you using the synthetic leather, the useful period is about three years.

3.     It will be dirty easily because the texture of genuine leather is porous.

4.     Needs extra money to take care of it. You have to buy vinyl cleanser, leather cleanser and moisturizer to clean your genuine leather dining chairs.

5.     The synthetic leather is elastic, so it’s easy to damage.

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Putting leather dining chairs is able to increase your prestige. Most people purchase these items for sake of investment. It can be resell with stiff price too. The high demand of leather stuff makes leather price is raising significantly so you won’t be coming up short after buying the chairs. That’s why using leather material has been a trend since couple years ago as wooden is unpopular anymore. It will resist for more than 20 years too. So it will save your money. If you want other color instead of black, now it is available in various color such as light-yellow and brown.

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