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DIY Outdoor Projector Screen is a Fun Project

The best way to retire a tiring day would be to watch a movie. But going to the theatre may not sound very interesting. How about having a movie theatre like screen in your backyard? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well it isn’t that difficult to have your own theatre like feel at home.

Being creative can be very interesting and engrossing at times. Especially if it means doing all the Fun by oneself. DIYs are the perfect one to do which not only invokes the creative spirit in the individual but also adds little extra knowledge to your intellect.



The projector screen placed outside in the backyard can be used for playing video games as well. So the screen placement can actually be used in multiple ways to get entertained. Having an outdoor screen can be the best reason to invite friends over for a movie and spend the lazy Sunday afternoon in complete leisure with near and dear ones around.

So let’s start. First listing the materials required for the construction of the outdoor projector screen:

  • ABS Pipe (6 pieces 3 feet long and 6 pieces 2 feet long). Take another 6 pieces of 3 feet long. The video will be the best guide to offer the optimum demonstration of the construction.
  • A nice white piece of fabric. The choice of cloth should be heavy so that it is sturdy and offers a neat look without any crease formation because this can otherwise make the image distorted.
  • Sandpaper for brushing smooth the sharp edges of the pipe as shown in the video.
  • Adhesive to bond. Take a good quality one from the market which has great results. The cut pieces of the pipe will be glued and assembled together. So keeping this is view, ask for the optimum brand and product.
  • 6 T-connectors and one 4 way connector and 4 caps. These are easily available in the tent shops too.
  • Grommets can be easily found in the upholstery shops as well. You can try the hardware shop too and stock the material to craft the stand for the projector.
  • Zip ties
  • Punch tool
  • Washer
  • Hammer
  • Nylon rope
  • Tent pegs

Collect all the materials required to construct a very beautiful frame which will hold the white fabric. The end result will be a beautiful projector which can be used for watching movies or playing the video games. The idea is to create the entertainment within the budget. The stand should can be sturdy and stand erect with the help of the demonstration mentioned below. It is simple and easy to follow. So have a fun-filled day or evening.

Create Outdoor activities as entertaining as possible. Do not forget to grab the packet of popcorn to enjoy the content and watch movies or play the game.


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