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DIY Outdoor Coffee Table Construction can be fun and exciting

Outdoor seating has become a normal trend in the recent years. In fact it has been prevalent ever since mankind was tamed and became civilised. But trends do keep changing and the fashion quotient in the interior plus exterior decoration does play an essential role. Thus it is important to be up-to-date and give that touch of class to your premises as well.



We are all aware of the DIY trends which are doing a great business in the recent years. The DIY projects incur fewer costs as the materials can be easily purchased from the market and the product can be given a personal touch. Moreover, it sparks the creativity of the people and makes the project further interesting for all.

The You Tube Tutorial for the construction of the Coffee Table is also one of the finest one to watch and learn. The best part of the tutorial is that the person has explained the construction very nicely and with accurate details. He has also shown the mistakes which he has done so that others can avoid the same and get their perfect table in the very first time.

Materials required to construct the outdoor coffee table which has a concrete top are as follows:

  • Cedar, two by fours
  • The dimensions of the cedar are exactly mentioned in the tutorial and the viewers need to be attentive while watching the video. The goof ups are possible but careful watching will make the construction rather simple and enjoyable
  • Pencil for the markings
  • Cutting saw
  • Drilling machine to drill the pocket holes in the logs of cedar.
  • Wood adhesive is easily available in the market.
  • Clamps
  • Screws
  • Melamine sheet as per the dimensions mentioned in the video
  • Silicone caulk
  • A bag of concrete
  • Cordless reciprocating saw with no noise
  • Outdoor spar urethane

The users of the tutorial will find it very useful as the step by step construction has been given in a detailed and refined manner. It is an interesting construction project and if there is a helping hand or your partner, then the project will be worth trying because the results re surely going be very encouraging and impressive.

The main tip mentioned in the tutorial is about the mixing of the concrete with water. It is not a good idea to pour the entire contents of the bag in one go. It is better to pour little by little as per the requirements and then mix water also accordingly. The consistency should be like peanut butter. This tip is an important one and it can make the construction simpler because the tutorial expert wasted a lot of time while making the concrete mix and has thus stated his own experience in the video which is a good lesson for others. The video is very enlightening and is great to see the simplicity of the expert and his teaching skills are also worth appreciating.


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